Realtor® Application

Fill this form out if you’re a Realtor® ready to get started with us. Upon receiving your application, we will send you our Policy Manual and Independent Contractors Agreement via Form Simplicity eSign for your review and approval.


What's The Cost To Join?

NOTHING – Amerivest Realty has no sign up fees, it’s free to join.

What Happens Next?
The Amerivest Realty Independent Contractors Agreement and a copy of the Office Policy Manual will be sent to the email address you submitted for your review and eSignature via Form Simplicity.
When/How Do I Become Active?
Upon receipt of the signed copy of the Independent Contractors Agreement, Amerivest Realty will update the state records and notify the Realtor Board you stated. This will happen on the date you stated or within one or two business days.
Do I Notify My Current Broker?
You are required to let your prior Broker/Brokerage know that you have choosen a new brokerage so they may update their records accordingly.
What About Pending Listings/Sales?

See your prior Brokers policy manual BEFORE your license is moved to understand their policies regarding these transactions as they vary greatly.

Pending Sales transactions are the property of your existing brokerage and may proceed to closing after you’ve moved your license and the current broker will pay your commission according to their policies and agreement you had with them.

Pending Listings may be terminated and relisted with Amerivest Realty, if your prior Brokerage allows this.  The MLS record may be switched by filing the proper forms with the MLS system.  Amerivest Realty can assist you with this process.

NOTE: Amerivest Realty does allow terminating Associates to “take” their listings with them and maintain full rights to all pending sales commissions, see our Policy Manual for details.

How Do I Get Started?
Once your license is activated with Amerivest Realty, you will receive a welcome email with all the information you need to get started using our services and building your business.  If for some reason you don’t see this welcome email, please contact us ASAP at (800) 830-1196 Option 5
How Long Does It Take?
The whole process can be completed in under an hour from the comfort of your home.
What Happens When I Leave?

Simply provide 10 days notice via email to our support team and PLEASE take any listings with you – they’re yours.