Jill Poposki, Realtor®

Jill is a Realtor® serving the cities of Cape Coral and Bonita Springs since 2000.  She ventured into the business as a personal hobby. Jill and her husband built their first home in the Cape and together renovated it and then put it up for sale. They did the same with four more of their personal residences, as well as 20 other homes.

“It was a lot of fun to take a dying or dead house and bring it back to life. It was a great feeling selling such beautiful homes to excited new homeowners, so I decided to become a realtor, as well as investor.”

She joined Amerivest Realty in October of 2016. The company appealed to her because of its reputation and because it is an internet based brokerage, allowing her to set their own schedule and not requiring her to be tied down to an office desk.

She loves living in Cape Coral not only because it allows her to stay active all year round, but also for the city’s casual atmosphere and the boating access it offers.