Ron Kohl, Realtor

Ron Kohl, Realtor®

Many Reasons to have Ron Kohl as a Realtor® to Buy or Sell

Whether you’re Buying or Selling, Effective Marketing, Experience, Communication, Skilled Negotiations, and Honesty are all a large part of hiring a Realtor to represent your Purchase or Sale.

Effective Marketing is knowing our current market conditions, pricing your property correctly and having the ability to expose your property to multiple markets. Presentation, staging, and multiple exposures of your property to the public and keeping it in front of all the Realtors is essential.

Experience is paramount with my background, going back, being licensed since 1978 as a full time Broker gives me the advantages that many just do not have. My main focus is making the transaction a smooth experience, keeping you out of the pitfalls of bad experiences. I was recognized in multiple years by the National Association of Realtors in the Top 35 nationally in Publication of “Realtor Today” Magazine. My years of dedication and hard work, by getting the job done is second to none, and led me in selling generations of families their homes and made dreams come true!

Communication skills and the ability to give highly objective advice, together with complete follow up on all items is essential. I attend all inspections, appraisals, any work needed to follow through on to make sure any and all Buyers are qualified and are able to fulfill all the terms and conditions of an agreed upon contract. I complete any loose ends before the fact and prior to closing.

Negotiate the best terms. I will find the best opportunities for my customers and negotiate on their behalf. When giving good objective advice it will be backed up by facts and my experience in Real Estate.
Have a question? Ask Now. I am always listening.
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Ron Kohl: 970-302-5645