Alexander Owens, Realtor®

Alex’s background might not be that of a typical Realtor®, but it uniquely positioned him to be an invaluable asset to his clients. Alex graduated with honors from The University of Miami in 2013 with a degree in Finance. From there, he moved to Chicago to work as a Private Client Banker with JP Morgan Chase.

During his time in that role, Alex helped his Private Clients with their home financing needs, ultimately gaining a valuable understanding of the mortgage industry and its various products. He also worked hand in hand with a Financial Advisor to develop customized financial plans for their clients. Through this, he was able to gain a deeper understanding of how home purchases fit into his client’s overall financial picture, allowing him to take a holistic approach when advising his Real Estate clients.

After 5 years at JP Morgan Chase, Alex decided to move back to Naples, where he was born and raised, so he could pursue more entrepreneurial ventures. Specifically, Alex started and managed a variety of successful online businesses. It was during this time that Alex learned his next skill set that allows him to better serve his real estate clients – digital marketing.

Alex became obsessed with the ability to use ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube to get the word out about a product or service. This has allowed him to grow his network of buyers at a break-neck pace and makes him a secret weapon for his clients when marketing their homes. Be sure to ask how Alex can help get your home sold using these cutting edge tactics!