There’s probably not much Dan doesn’t know about Naples. Dan Walsh, or Danny, never Daniel, and his family moved to Naples in 1968 when the population sat at a mere 10,000. He has watched Naples grow from a small undeveloped seaside town to a luxury community that attracts people from all over and is revered as a golf capital of the world. He knows all the secret spots, historic pitfalls, diamond communities and much more. It would be fair to say Dan knows much more than the average Realtor about Naples! Dan has lived all over the Greater Naples Area. His first hand knowledge is important to you because, while Talis Park is Dans ideal community, it may not be right for everyone. Dan Walsh will never try to oversell anyone! Ever! Dan understands the importance of properly assessing prospective buyers lifestyles & needs. In turn, to provide them the best options to make their move to Naples a successful one.