George Deltoro

Realtor® Associate
(239) 595-1910


Realtor® Profile

George was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Miami, Florida. “I saw Miami transform and reinvent itself many times. I saw the rise of South Beach and was permanently affected by the process of gentrification.”

After high school he studied music at a higher education facility for 9 years, attending Miami-Dade Community College full-time for 6 years and focusing on jazz guitar. For 3 years he attended the University of Miami, majoring in music education and composition, with classical piano being his principal instrument.

George made his way to Naples in 1998 to review land that his parents had purchased. “I fell in love with the quiet laid back attitude of Southwest Florida. Our property sat on over two acres of land yet I was a mere 20 minute drive to the beach. The excitement of Miami and Fort Lauderdale was a two hour drive away. Tampa and the Magic Kingdom were not too far either. The drive up through Central Florida to Orlando is one of my favorites. That route still has a small town feel.” He moved to Naples soon after and acquired his real estate license in 1999, joining the Naples Area Board of Realtors in 2000.

At first George worked for a major land Realtor who specialized in Golden Gate Estates and the surrounding agricultural areas. Their office was located in Golden Gate City, which is a heavy bilingual market. George was perfect for the job, being both fluent in English and Spanish. During his first year he sold over 40 properties.

The following year George switched offices. He moved to one closer to the Gulf, in hopes of developing a more upscale business. “The move proved fruitful. Between the atmosphere of wealth and my sphere of influence I was able to move into the upscale market.” In 2001 George was honored with the prestigious Crystal Award from the Grey Oaks Country Club.

“I made the decision to keep my working class market. They were the meat and potatoes of my business. It is ironic that I sold my first HUD foreclosure at the same time I was showing multi-million dollar homes; however the foreclosure market experience proved to be prophetic. My first foreclosure was a HUD home I sold in November of 2001.”

Amerivest Realty became his brokerage in February of 2002. He has been with the company ever since and his business has continued to grow with George branching out to Estero, Bonita Beach, Fort Myers, and Caper Coral.