Edyie Heller & Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman and Eydie Heller are a husband and wife team. They are both originally from the northern United States. Bob was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in Royal Oak, Michigan, while Eydie was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Queens. Eydie was the first out of the two to discover Naples. She wintered in the area during the 70s. When she and Bob met in 1985, she introduced him to the town, he loved it, and they regularly visited Naples several times a year.

“We loved getting out of a large city. We loved the weather, walking on the beach, bike riding and the pure beauty.” Thus in 1997 they purchased a home and became full-time residents in 2002. They currently specialize and live in the Naples Park area. “We love Naples Park! The people are wonderful, and really care for each other.” The beach neighborhood is near Delnor-Wiggins State Park. Eydie and Bob vouch it keeps residents close to everything, including Vanderbilt Beach, the library and the Mercato shopping/dining center.

Before becoming real estate agents, Eydie was a registered nurse at a children’s hospital and Bob worked in sales and engineering for a major commercial refrigeration manufacturer. How did they both end up as graduates of the Realtor Institute? After leaving their corporate careers in their mid 50s and moving to Naples, they wanted a line of work that was flexible and that they could easily continue while retired. Real estate granted them just that. Plus they have always loved looking at houses and meeting new people.

In 2004 the couple joined Amerivest Realty. The company allured them because of the staff and the office’s convenient location in Naples Park.

Some more tidbits about the team:

  • Bob is a Vietnam Veteran.
  • They have a son named Matthew and a daughter-in-law named Caroline. Matthew is a teacher in Venice, Florida and is a huge college football fan.
  • They have a daughter named Kelley who lives in gorgeous Lahaina, Hawaii. She hand makes jewelry and is an avid surfer, diver and hiker.
  • “We love Lucy, our Cockapoo dog.”